Aug 6 2011

Buster’s Last Stand

My mom and I took a trip to Worcester, MA last weekend to go wedding dress shopping with my sister, and we had dinner with her future in-laws at The Sole Proprietor. As we pulled into the parking lot, we were greeted by “Buster” the giant crab, affixed to the roof of the restaurant like something out of a 1950s horror flick.

Apparently this curiosity can be seen only during crab season (The Sole features a special “Buster’s Favorites” menu of crab dishes–kind of creepy if you think about it) and we were lucky to see him, as it was his last day before retiring for the year.

The restaurant was packed, even though it was a Sunday eveningĀ  (always a good sign) and the food was delicious. We started with vegetarian roll and Tiger Eye sushi appetizers. Several people in our group raved about the crab risotto (a “Buster’s Favorite”), and the seafood with scallops, shrimp, and mussels. I’m a vegetarian and haven’t eaten seafood in several years, but I loved the Asian pear and walnut salad, which could have been a meal in itself, with a side of rich and creamy mac and cheese. It’s probably just as well–I don’t know if I could have looked Buster in the eye when we left if I’d ordered the crab anyway.

Jul 15 2011

Far, Fargo Away

Last weekend, I made my once-every-three-years trek to Fargo, North Dakota, for a family reunion. Yes, that’s right. Fargo. If you’ve never been there, let me just say that it isn’t the easiest of places to reach. As it turned out, it was more economical to fly to Minneapolis, rent a car, and drive four hours than it would have been to fly directly to Fargo. Fortunately, this roundabout journey had added benefits, as I was able to see some dear friends and family in the Minneapolis area the days we flew in and out of the Twin Cities.

The reunion was a fun-filled day of boating, swimming, and visiting with family at my great-aunt and -uncle’s home near Lake Park, Minnesota. I always forget how beautiful it can be at the lake…until the sun goes down and the mosquitoes swarm. I think the mosquitoes in Minnesota are the size of birds.

The most curious thing about our trip was the Space Aliens Grill & Bar right next to our hotel. I ventured over for pizza (because how could I NOT?) and then brought the rest of the crew back for drinks in the bar. It was so tacky, it was actually charming.

If you have a chance to venture that far north, some other local attractions include Bonanzaville, The Plains Art Museum, and the Hjemkomst Center across the river in Moorhead, which features a full-size viking ship.